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General schedule settings

First select the schedule parameters that are in compliance with the work schedule and clinic internal management:

  • Displaying of visits in a doctor’s color. A patient visit in Cliniccards is by default displayed in a color of a doctor, the visit to whom is appointed.

Go to Settings → Access rights parameter Color to assign a doctor’s color. A visit color will depend on its status when the parameter is deactivated.

  • Reduce mIssed or postponed visits up to 5 minutes

The function of automatic reduction of missed or postponed visit up to 5 minutes is provided to optimize work of doctors and schedule of patient visits. This function is very convenient to save work time of a doctor and appoint a visit of the next patient. A scheduled duration of a missed visit remains unchanged when this option is inactive.

We recommend you to create an additional virtual Cabinet of canceled visits. Use the Cabinet to save information on the cancel appointments in the schedule and transfer them to the Cabinet of Canceled Visits. That means that you can appoint visits for new patients in the doctor’s schedule.

  • Display the names of patients with advanced payments in green.

The parameter enables additional tracking of the patient balance right in the schedule, as the name and last name of the patient displayed in green. Herewith, name and last name of the patient having debts in the clinic is diplayed in red in the schedule.

The data of all patients having advanced payments is available in the report Patients with advance payments.

  • Show 30-minutes lines / Show 15-minutes lines.

The parameters enables using of additional dividing lines in the schedule. The dividing lines are convenient to use when an average visit is quite short.

  • Highlight a comment in patient visits in a background.

This is an important parameter that ensures fast navigation in the schedule, as important information on the patient visits is highlighted.

  • Creation of 30-minutes visits.

Every new visits in Cliniccards is one hour by default. Use the setting parameter to reduce duration of visits up to 30 minutes when they are created. Herewith, all specialists having the corresponding access rights are able to edit a visit duration when it is created.

  • Confirm a doctor’s appointment in two cabinets at the same time.

This parameter allows you to appoint several visits to one specialist in different cabinets at the same time. Use this parameter to reduce errors, as the system warns you on the existing visit when you try to create the second visit to the specialist at the same time. Then a user either confirms the action or chooses another time for a visit to the specialist.

  • Display completed visits as transparent

When this option is activated, all patient visits with the statuses Completed, Missed, Rescheduled, and Canceled become transparent. This will help you visually separate completed visits from future and current ones.

You can learn more about appointment statuses on the Visits in the schedule Manual page.

Please note that by default, Cliniccards displays each patient's visit in the color of the doctor to whom the patient made an appointment. If you want to display visits in the color of their status (Scheduled, Confirmed, Completed, etc.), deactivate the Display visits in the color of doctors option.

  • Minimum allowable free time in a schedule

Is a minimum free time in a schedule of a specialist that is displayed as a time available for appointments in the mini -calendar of the doctor’s work schedule.

This means that a mini-calendar showing a specialist schedule for a current month appears when you click the doctor’s shift in the schedule. There is at least one time span available to appoint a patient visit in the shift marked with a green point. This is a useful option for administrators, as it allows them to select the best visit time for a patient as quickly as possible.

You should also specify clinic’s work days and hours in the corresponding schedule setting fields when you set a schedule display. This is how you can both arrange all work processes in your clinic and have precise records of many clinic efficiency parameters in such reports as Doctor’s load, Cabinet load, etc.

Herewith, please note some peculiarities of the work schedule settings:

  • Work days.

The schedule setting option enables demonstration of the general work schedule of the clinic, including days and hours. Work Days is an important parameter used to assess general load of the clinic and doctors.

Herewith, you still can create work schedules of specialists, visits of patients and time reserves for the off hours.

  • Days off.

The parameter is used to specify days off in the clinic schedule highlighted in grey in the tab Schedule. Herewith, the doctor’s loads by visits appointed and worked in the days off are determined as overtime hours in the report Doctors’ load.

Add the following when you set general schedule displaying parameters and work schedule in your clinic: