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Safety recommendations by Cliniccards

Data security is a very important issue that requires special attention. Cliniccards has implemented a set of solutions to protect each user from information leakage.   Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the reliability of data protection depends primarily on you personall... 13.06.2024

How to understand patients even better? A new report in Cliniccards - Demographics!

The main role of reports in Cliniccards is to help the clinic better understand and visualize its work. How many manipulations are performed, which are more popular and which are not, how much money is spent, where new patients come from. Speaking of patients. Analyzing the current patient base a... 11.06.2024

Main updates of May in Cliniccards!

Every month, the Cliniccards team is actively working to implement updates that will help improve the quality of each user's experience with the system. So, we are pleased to announce the major updates in Cliniccards that were released in May! Cliniccards has launched a Blog! Here we regularly... 06.06.2024

Update of the Primary Patient Report

The first impression directly affects whether the patient will continue treatment in the clinic. That is why it is important for the owner to constantly monitor the quality of diagnosis and treatment at the initial consultation. For this purpose, Cliniccards has a Primary Patient Report that has ... 09.05.2024

Main updates of April in Cliniccards. There are no insignificant updates!

Even small details can create big changes. Therefore, we are sure that there are no small updates - they are all important! So let us tell you what the cliniccards team has done for you in April: 1. Added Photo Editor - now users have many opportunities to edit images right in Cliniccards. 2. Up... 03.05.2024

A penny saved is a penny earned! Update of the Cost categories report.

Every clinic has a large number of different expenses: materials, rent, salaries, equipment... And it is the duty of every owner and manager to regularly analyze expenses to understand where and how they can be reduced. The updated Cost Categories report will help you with this, allowing you to t... 16.04.2024

No pain - no gain! Update of the report Manipulations by quantities.

It is the duty of every clinic manager and owner to analyze the volume of work performed and services rendered in the clinic. After all, you need to understand which services are most in demand, which bring more profit, and how these indicators have changed compared to previous periods. Such info... 15.04.2024

You can draw on photos! New photo editor in Cliniccards!

Photo is an indispensable tool in the work of a modern doctor of any specialty, from general practitioner to periodontist. And it's no wonder, because photos allow for high-quality diagnostics, improve the quality of treatment, simplify team communication, and build trust between doctor and patie... 10.04.2024