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Main updates of November 2023 in Cliniccards.

The Cliniccards team works tirelessly to improve the experience of each user. It is important for us to ensure that the system helps you solve everyday tasks and creates the most comfortable working environment. That is why we are constantly working on updated features that are designed to make C... 05.12.2023

Super Administrator and Copy access rights.

The Access rights section allows each specialist to work with only the necessary information. This way, everyone gets the opportunity to focus on what matters most and perform their duties as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it is important for us to make this section flexible and efficient f... 26.10.2023

New report — Patients shared outside the clinic.

Cliniccards allow the clinic owner to control all aspects of the business. From changes in specialists to salaries and expenses. We continue to work to provide you with the most detailed picture of your business. For these reasons, a new report has been added to the system - Patients shared outs... 25.10.2023

Cliniccards has an update. Two-factor authentification.

  Cliniccards takes security very seriously and is always working to improve its system and enhance user safety.  While many security updates happen behind the scenes, there are certain measures that users can take themselves, such as enabling two-factor authentication.  To furt... 17.10.2023

Dental formula of children in Cliniccards!

In Cliniccards we have already developed an anatomically reliable dental formula a long time ago. This formula is proved to be an efficient tool which simplifies the work of the doctors, as it schematically represents a clinical picture of every patient.  But what about primary teeth? Indee... 21.06.2023

Guarding your data: a new way of two-factor authentication!

The protection of user data is a top priority for Cliniccards. For this purpose, we are constantly improving our security systems, updating our protocols and using the most reliable server in the world.  That is why we are pleased to announce that Cliniccards now offers a new two-factor aut... 24.03.2023

The patient's personal cashback

Now cashback can be set individually for each patient!   If your clinic has a loyalty program for patients, now you can use the updated function in Cliniccards - accrual of personal cashback   This option returns a percentage of the payment amount to the patient's deposit accoun... 22.11.2022

Main updates of October in Cliniccards

In October, we did not get bored because of many reasons. Despite the situation in our country, our team continues to do our best.  So, in October, we completed the following improvements in Cliniccards:   The system and landing page were redesigned and Cliniccards 2.0 was launch... 04.11.2022