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New report - Financial reports

We added a new Financial report, which combines three reports of financial transactions in your clinic, such as: Clinic's cashbox payments 1C Clinic manipulations  1C Clinic payments The Clinic's cashbox payments report displays information about patient payments and shows the... 16.04.2021

Update report Manipulations in Quantities

А new Periods Comparison section is now available for the Manipulations by Quantities Report. It allows you to compare the total income of the clinic or income per doctor for different periods. This report is based on income per section of the clinic's price list. Additionally, in ... 15.04.2021

Sending sms after manipulations

To improve care quality for your patients, Cliniccards added automatic SMS sending after manipulations. This option allows you to create SMS reminders to patients about repeated visits, physical examination and personal care recommendations. You can configure this option in the section Settings ... 14.04.2021

New status colors

We've added new colors for patient statuses. The clinic owner can add custom statuses in the Settings - Other - Manage patients' statuses. To create a new status, click the Add Status button. You also can: provide patient several statuses at once; change the ord... 21.01.2021

Clinic tags

Cliniccards now has the ability to ensure better record keeping for network clinics that use one clinic account in the Cliniccards and have a common patient database. Tags allow you to indicate in which branch of the clinic manipulations were performed or payments were made. The clinic own... 04.01.2021

Detailеd spendings in the clinic report

Additional button "Show spendings" appeared in Clinic report. Now you can view and filter all spendings for the specified period.   31.12.2020

STL files viewer

We are glad to inform you that Cliniccards now has the ability to view STL files in the treatment history without downloading files to your device. The preview is generated for files, size of which does not exceed 60 MB. 23.12.2020

Access to edit patient profile

Now you can select the clinic members who will have access to edit the patient profile. To do this, go to Clinic settings - Access rights - Edit patient profile item.   10.12.2020