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New design of your favorite Photo flow!

New design of your favorite Photo flow! An important factor that guarantees the ease of daily work of clinic specialists in Cliniccards is a stylish and intuitive interface. It transforms multi-step processes into clear and understandable actions that simplify work and allow you to pay attention ... 15.02.2024

STOCKed in Cliniccards!

Mega update in Cliniccards - Stock!  Once again we prove that there are no limits to perfection 😇 From now on, with the help of the Stock, the clinic can keep accurate records of materials and expenses, track settlements with suppliers, automatically write off goods and forget about calculat... 31.01.2024

Search and filter by stages in the Treatment history!

Comprehensive treatment of a patient consists of a large number of different stages of treatment. From examination to implantation and aesthetic treatment. Therefore, a patient's comprehensive treatment history contains many comments, including photos, files, dental formulas, PSR tests, and perio... 30.01.2024

Online patient booking in Cliniccards!

Appointments have become even easier with the addition of Online booking to Cliniccards! With this option, patients can choose the date, time, specialist, and procedures in your clinic. And based on this data, the schedule in Cliniccards is generated automatically! Here's how the update works! To... 25.01.2024

PSR test in Cliniccards!

Visualization of the patient's clinical condition is one of the key elements of modern dentistry. For this purpose, Cliniccards has functionality that greatly simplifies the life of a doctor: photo flow, dental formula, periodontal chart. We are pleased to announce that now there is another cool ... 16.01.2024

Periodontal chart in Cliniccards!

The dental formula in Cliniccards simplifies the work of dentists, as it allows to schematically reproduce the clinical picture of the patient. We are pleased to announce that the Periodontal chart has now been added to Cliniccards! This will allow you to quickly and conveniently describe periodo... 15.01.2024

Add a manipulation to a patient's visit!

The main advantage of the schedule in Cliniccards is its interactivity. Doctor shifts and patient visits are created in seconds, which allows you to quickly navigate the work schedule and appointments. Can the schedule in Cliniccards be even more functional? Yes!!! Because now you can add a plann... 12.01.2024

The ability to maintain a Clinic Specialist Profile has been added!

Most Cliniccards updates are a response of our team to the needs of users and general trends in treatment. And the trend is that doctors do not always have time to organize their own documents and licenses in one place.  Usually, they are spread across different resources and it takes a lot ... 22.12.2023