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As you have already noticed, 2 days ago Cliniccards got a new design. Based on your feedback, we realized that out of many great solutions, a few were not really well. So there were some inconveniences with the calendar and colors of visits.   We strive to make your work at Cliniccards as ... 29.10.2022

Design update in Cliniccards

You have already seen that "some" changes have taken place in Cliniccards. Indeed, after 6 years of work and development, we dared to undertake such a difficult task - to update the system design!   So what exactly has changed in Cliniccards:   The design has been upd... 26.10.2022


The Cliniccards team works every day to reduce the amount of routine work of every clinic employee - manager, administrator, doctor and assistant. Precisely for the sake of simplifying the work of doctors Cliniccards specialists have developed an innovative dental formula that is anatomically ac... 09.08.2022

List of dental clinics in Ukraine that will continue to provide services during state of war

We have created a document that contains a list of dental clinics that continue to provide dental services. Most clinics provide such services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Armed Forces free of charge.   Link to the document which contains a list of clinics operating under&nb... 07.03.2022

Cliniccards completely stops interacting with users from the aggressor countries of Russia and Belarus!

Cliniccards completely stops interacting with users from the aggressor countries of Russia and Belarus!   Given the fact of military aggression by Russia and Belarus against Ukraine, we would like to inform you that the company Cliniccards completely stops any relationships with users from... 02.03.2022

New report - Financial reports

We added a new Financial report, which combines three reports of financial transactions in your clinic, such as: Clinic's cashbox payments 1C Clinic manipulations  1C Clinic payments The Clinic's cashbox payments report displays information about patient payments and shows the... 16.04.2021

Update report Manipulations in Quantities

А new Periods Comparison section is now available for the Manipulations by Quantities Report. It allows you to compare the total income of the clinic or income per doctor for different periods. This report is based on income per section of the clinic's price list. Additionally, in ... 15.04.2021

Sending sms after manipulations

To improve care quality for your patients, Cliniccards added automatic SMS sending after manipulations. This option allows you to create SMS reminders to patients about repeated visits, physical examination and personal care recommendations. You can configure this option in the section Settings ... 14.04.2021