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Update of the Primary Patient Report

The first impression directly affects whether the patient will continue treatment in the clinic. That is why it is important for the owner to constantly monitor the quality of diagnosis and treatment at the initial consultation.

For this purpose, Cliniccards has a Primary Patient Report that has recently been updated. So now you can "measure" the quality of the initial consultation and treatment, because the updated report shows how many primary patients return to the clinic after the first visit.

The report is divided into four sections, in which the data is grouped into categories:

  • Doctors - all clinic specialists who see patients;
  • Number of first-time patients - the number of patients who came for a visit for the first time during the selected period;
  • Number of patients - with or without a treatment plan;
  • Amount of work.

The Number of primary patients section is divided into two columns:

  • Total - the number of primary patients who have a first visit with the status Done for the selected period;
  • Of these, returned to the clinic - this statistic includes patients who have two or more visits with the status Completed for a certain period.

Thus, you can see:

  1. How many primary patients came to the clinic in total;
  2. How many to each doctor;
  3. And how many of them returned for repeat visits(to each doctor).

The Number of patients section groups data into two categories: Patients with or without a treatment plan. This helps to evaluate the quality of the initial consultation, because you can immediately see how many primary patients doctors have created treatment plans for.

The Amount of work section allows you to estimate the difference between the amount of the treatment plan and the amount of work performed on it.

This creates a holistic impression of the doctor's and the clinic's activities, as the financial indicator of their work is also calculated.

Report cells can also be color-coded:

  • Red - if the conversion is less than 50%;
  • Pale green - if the conversion is greater than or equal to 50%;
  • Bright green - if the conversion rate is 100%.

Please note: all conversion rates are calculated from the number of primary patients in the Total column.

Another cool detail is that all indicators of the number of primary patients have hyperlinks! That is, clicking on the cells opens a list of patients containing the following data

  • date of the first and last visit;
  • doctor of the first and last visit;
  • next visit;
  • the amount of the plan;
  • and other information about the patient.

In the updated report, you can also filter patients by the planned work. This way, you can track which doctor is better at motivating patients for orthopedic treatment, for example, and analyze how to scale this approach.