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How to solve a problem before it occurs. Philip Dmytriychuk.

The administrator is the first representative of the clinic that the patient sees, and it is his or her work that forms the patient's first impression of the clinic. Moreover, a skillful approach to the administrator's work can solve most problems before they arise. How? Philip Dmytriychuk, admin... 16.04.2024

Dust off history.

If you don't know the patient's treatment history, you won't understand the current clinical picture - this is how a well-known folk wisdom would sound if it were invented by doctors. Jokes aside, you really need to know the treatment history, because the concept of modern dentistry is based on q... 15.04.2024

Do you work in several clinics at the same time? Khrystyna Ryzhuk.

Working for several clinics gives a doctor a lot of unique opportunities, but only if it is organized wisely. It is quite common for doctors to work in several clinics. This not only helps to earn extra money, but also to gain valuable experience, new acquaintances, and add a few paragraphs to yo... 12.04.2024

1 hour a day that will earn you $25,000 a year!

Every day, every doctor spends his or her precious time on keeping records. Time that could be used to consult another patient. A little explanation is needed here. We mean not so much paper documentation as electronic documentation. We are well aware that paper cards are no longer popular. It's ... 11.04.2024

5 main tips for opening a clinic. Yuriy Gundyak.

How often do you think about running your own clinic? Do you think about where to start, what to keep in mind, what to look for? Yuriy Gundyak, founder of Dynasty Dental Clinic, has the answers to these questions. "First of all, this is a good idea! Because at this stage there are quite a few pat... 10.04.2024

Sleep with your patient. How to get to know your target audience.

The biggest problem for a dentist is to think of their patients as a large abstract target audience. We're going to tell you ways to get to know your patients, better understand their needs, and attract only your own. Detective on minimums / Spy Find at least 50 of your patients on social medi... 09.04.2024

How to retain a new patient. Myroslav Solonko.

Patients who are satisfied with your services do not automatically become regular and loyal. To do this, you need to build relationships with them and establish contact on an emotional level. How can you make patients come back to you after the first visit? In this article, the founder of Solonko... 08.04.2024

A financier without five years of study

Maintaining the financial statements of a clinic is a very responsible and important job. You have to be very careful, because every financial transaction must be recorded correctly and on time, because this is how future expenses, profits, and the entire business are planned. To manage business ... 05.04.2024