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Let's talk about employee happiness

The success of a company directly depends on the happiness of its employees. A happy and satisfied employee is an important element of any company's success. The world has changed dramatically in recent years. In addition to the financial component, an employee's performance is significantly infl... 03.04.2024

The 7 essential soft skills

You can be a wonderful dentist, but what is the point if you don't know how to communicate with patients? Dentists regularly improve their knowledge and skills in medicine and technology. But in addition to hard skills, a dentist must have soft skills that cannot be acquired with a diploma. Soft ... 01.04.2024

Comprehensible treatment plans in seconds

Treatment plan is the basis of a modern approach to the work of a dentist and this practice is used in more and more clinics. Therefore, it is no wonder that treatment plans are the basis for automation of work with patients in Сliniccards. When developing it, we followed this philosophy: Treatme... 29.03.2024

How to manage time effectively

Time management means planning. Your productivity and performance depend on how effectively you plan. This is even more important in the work of a clinic, as many processes need to be planned: employee schedules, patient appointments, treatment planning, management, and much more. Without a well-... 28.03.2024

Take control of your finances

One of the most popular problems of modern business (including dentistry) is undigitized data. This can have serious consequences for the business. Often, owners and managers do not analyze the activities of each link and especially the clinic in general. Such managers cannot quickly respond to p... 27.03.2024