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Sleep with your patient. How to get to know your target audience.

The biggest problem for a dentist is to think of their patients as a large abstract target audience.

We're going to tell you ways to get to know your patients, better understand their needs, and attract only your own.

  1. Detective on minimums / Spy

Find at least 50 of your patients on social media. And research each person: where they work, what hobbies they have, how they rest, who their friends are and how they spend their leisure time with them, what content they publish and which influencers they follow.

  1. Eavesdrop on calls / Eavesdropping is not nice, but not in this case

Make it a rule to listen to the initial calls every week. Pay attention to: what questions patients ask, how they ask them, how they react to the answers, after what words they say they'll call you back, and when they make an appointment. And the Binotel service will help you with this (see the post about it below).

  1. Feel free to spy!

If you don't conduct consultations in person, install video surveillance cameras in the room where they take place. Regularly review and analyze the recordings from them.

  1. A little bit of statistics

Your constant assistant is Google Analytics, which is linked to your website. Check out its reports:

  • Audience - Demographics - Overview
  • Audience - Geography - Location
  • Audience - Interests - Overview
  • Conversions - Multi-channel funnels - Time to conversion / Funnel length / Top conversion paths

This is the basic data you need to know about your website visitors.

  1. What do they say on the forums?

Analyze forums and various price aggregators regarding your industry: what people are outraged about, what they are afraid of, what they recommend.

  1. Keep an eye on competitors

Do an extensive research of all competitors' reviews on Google, Instagram and Facebook pages that are in your competitive field: what they write, what they recommend, etc.

  1. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Do a 5W segmentation. It will help you create a psychological portrait (avatar) of your patient. Data allows you to understand the needs of each group (segment) more deeply than the usual division by gender, age, and place of residence.

There are a lot of step-by-step instructions on the Internet about 5W.

  1. Hire your product

Do JTBD. To make it clearer, this is Jobs-to-be-Done theory, the theory that people "hire" a product/service to fulfill their needs and improve their lives. This will allow you to know not only who your customers are, but also why they "buy" you.

User → Task → Context → Product.

As a result, you will have specific personas for different segments of your price list. You will be able to speak to each of them in an understandable language so that these people come to you!