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How to retain a new patient. Myroslav Solonko.

Patients who are satisfied with your services do not automatically become regular and loyal. To do this, you need to build relationships with them and establish contact on an emotional level.

How can you make patients come back to you after the first visit? In this article, the founder of Solonko Sovyak Dentistry, Myroslav Solonko, shares tips from his own experience.

By following Myroslav's approach and advice, you will be able to make a very cool impression on your patients and show them that the clinic cares about them. And this, in turn, creates the best level of service.

A patient's first visit to the clinic is crucial.

Be sure to develop a protocol for the initial consultation. After all, it is at this consultation that the patient's impression of the clinic is formed and a decision is made about further treatment.

Make a photo protocol and panoramic photos for your first patients.

They will show the patient in detail what the situation is with each tooth. In our clinic, we upload all this to the patient's card in Cliniccards. There, the data is structured and easy to find.

Offer coffee or tea.

If it is not possible to bring the patient into the office right away, offer coffee or tea, such little things form the service and this is how the patient realizes that you really care about him and are interested in him.

The examination should leave a pleasant impression.

Then, the anamnesis stage, the doctor asks questions in a pre-designed form. This should take up to 15 minutes. It is important not to put the patient in a chair right away. Communicate at the table, calmly, sometimes joke. Let the patient have a pleasant impression of the conversation.

Make a dental formula.

Now that the patient is relaxed, you can go to the chair and make a detailed dental formula according to the panorama and photo protocol. Show the patient the pictures, let him see everything with his own eyes. This way, he or she will trust the confirmation of the doctor's words.

Create a treatment plan.

Describe each problem in detail, showing it in the photo, explain where and what needs to be done, and add manipulations at the same time. This way, you will speak the same language with the patient and will be able to come to a complete understanding of further treatment.

Use treatment plan templates.

To save time for yourself and the patient, make treatment plan templates. They should include each stage that the patient should go through. As well as comments and legal data that need to be signed. This will give you the opportunity not to make huge plans all over again, but to make situational changes to the ready-made template.

Make a stylized presentation for each patient.

Such a presentation can include all the photos, a panorama, each stage of treatment according to the plan, and the dental formula. The patient receives another confirmation of the high level of service and treatment in the clinic, because each clinical case is a real study.

Confirm the plan with the patient.

When the plan is complete, check with the patient to make sure the treatment plan is correct. It is important that there is an understanding of the need for each stage of treatment and complete understanding. Some things patients just don't say, so always ask for feedback.

This approach creates interest in the patient, because the initial consultation is not boring. The patient receives a detailed and cool analysis of his or her clinical picture. It's important to keep in touch and talk in detail about each stage of treatment.

After the consultation, the patient receives a large package of documents, all photos, a treatment plan, and a dental formula. Many people say that they have never learned so much information about themselves.

This all makes a very cool impression, the patient sees that the clinic cares so much and creates the best level of service.