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1 hour a day that will earn you $25,000 a year!

Every day, every doctor spends his or her precious time on keeping records. Time that could be used to consult another patient. A little explanation is needed here. We mean not so much paper documentation as electronic documentation. We are well aware that paper cards are no longer popular.

It's cool that progress is not standing still, and instead of writing on a piece of paper, you can enter notes on your phone. Or just take a picture of the patient with your phone and after a while ask yourself, "Where are those pictures?" But searching for and consolidating information scattered across different services can take a huge amount of time.

In this article, we will calculate in detail how much time and, most importantly, profit a doctor spends on documentation and what solution Cliniccards offers.

So, how much time does a doctor spend on documentation?

To begin with, we conducted a study with the clinics that agreed to participate in it, in which we analyzed in detail the daily work of doctors to identify production losses and do everything to avoid them through automation.

We came to some interesting conclusions. Filling out patient cards (again, we emphasize that we are talking not so much about paper documentation as electronic) with an 8-9-hour working day can take a doctor up to 1 hour a day, which is 5 hours a week spent not on the patient. That is, in a year, each doctor spends about 250 hours filling out documentation! Just imagine that this is 31 working days a year!

We know that such figures may seem unrealistic and made up. That's why we suggest you conduct an experiment. See how much time you spend every day describing the visit, printing a document, filling out a form of the Ministry of Health, etc. This is the price of the lack of automation and systematization.

So, given these staggering figures, let's see how much profit a clinic loses if it loses 1 hour of each doctor's time per day.

According to our calculations, again, conducted as part of the study, the average cost of an hour of work of a dentist in Kyiv is $100-145. Thus, if a doctor spends 1 hour of his or her time filling out treatment histories during a working day, the clinic loses at least $100 during this time. Which turns into $500-600 per week. It is easy to calculate that this is up to $25,000 a year! And that's just for one doctor, what if there are more in your clinic?

Our calculations can be easily checked for your clinic using the Load of Doctors report.

Solutions or how to find an hour of time per day.

The overall goal of the entire Cliniccards team is to simplify the daily work of a doctor and make it as fast, efficient, and complete as possible. It is from this perspective that every function of the system is implemented. We paid a lot of attention to automating the work with documents, thus minimizing time losses.

Such a seemingly simple function as Diagnosis Templates takes away the routine work of doctors. It takes a whole lot of time to describe each visit, diagnosis, and recommendations because you have to type the same text over and over again. Instead, Cliniccards offers you to add a ready-made template in two clicks. This saves time not only for the doctor, but also for the administrator, the office and the entire clinic. And most importantly, the patient's time.

A doctor's time is too valuable to waste on bureaucracy - leave it to Cliniccards.