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5 main tips for opening a clinic. Yuriy Gundyak.

How often do you think about running your own clinic? Do you think about where to start, what to keep in mind, what to look for? Yuriy Gundyak, founder of Dynasty Dental Clinic, has the answers to these questions.

"First of all, this is a good idea! Because at this stage there are quite a few patients who, unfortunately, have lost their place of permanent treatment and new clinics can help them with this. The second point is that today there is a much larger inflow of personnel. In my opinion, this is the most valuable thing in a clinic. People often make mistakes when they focus on the interior and exterior and pay less attention to working with specialists. In my opinion, it is the team that makes all the difference."

That's how Yurii explained why it was a good idea to open a clinic now, he added: "There are a lot of cool teams now that are open to cooperation and ready to work in the new realities."

And a great team needs good communication. "I remember my work when we didn't have any patient record system, it was just ordinary folders in a laptop, a hard drive that I carried with me, which constantly had some problems and I was nervous that my patients would go somewhere, so I also had a backup hard drive!" But now this problem has been solved and with the availability of an electronic patient database, the location does not matter to the doctor

"In our clinic, the key changes have occurred precisely because of photos and Cliniccards," Yurii also told how his clinic managed to get on the right track.

"In 2016, we had a critical moment when I was very disappointed in myself and the team. We all always said that everything was cool, everything was good, but no one could show what we were doing because no one took pictures. I was ready to fire everyone, but decided to ask my teachers in Italy for advice. They recommended that I set strict conditions - payment of the doctor's salary only if each patient has photos."

Of course, Yuriy did not fine anyone, but he was determined - he gathered his team and had a serious conversation. After that, the clinic began using the following protocol: each restorative doctor must take three photos: a photo of the teeth before treatment, a photo in a cofferdam after the etching gel, and a photo with inclusive paper. But now doctors are already taking up to ten photos for each patient, adding X-rays and creating personalized collages and presentations. And this is their own initiative!

And finally, tips!

With his extensive experience in successfully setting up and managing a clinic, Yurii provided 5 main tips for opening your own clinic:

1. Start with an idea.

You need to start opening a clinic with an idea. An idea that is well thought out and, preferably, written down on paper. Create a plan for absolutely every element of the future clinic, think about the logistics, what duties the administrator will have, what duties the assistant will have, where the patient will enter the clinic, what he or she will see, and so on.

2. Find people who are like-minded.

Remember that investing money is not everything, and don't expect to open a clinic and have all the specialists motivated right away. Give yourself time to find people who are close to you in spirit. Find a backbone - reliable people who understand that success is not only about money.

3. Solve problems now.

Don't think that opening a new clinic will help you get rid of existing difficulties. Think carefully about them and find a solution now, in the current conditions, because opening a new clinic will only bring old problems there.

4. Discipline yourself first.

No employee will follow your instructions if you do not follow them yourself. Organize yourself right now on the most disciplined level possible so that you can teach everyone else how to organize when you open the clinic.

5. Take a photo protocol.

It's your portfolio, your resume, your recognition. Not only will you be able to make your work easier, but you will also be able to show your skills visually. Even if you can't afford to buy expensive equipment yet, let your temporary solution be at least a camera in your phone, but you need a photo protocol!

We hope this material was interesting and inspiring for each of the readers! In conclusion, Yuriy explained why it is worth confidently going to your goal overcoming all obstacles and stereotypes.

"When I was growing up, I constantly heard that if you live in a small town, you have no chance. We want to break this stereotype. I am sure that if you do your job well, you will be found wherever you are."

The town of Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk region), where Dynasty Dental Clinic is located, has a population of only 8,000, but Yurii's clinic has a full record, creates its own courses for doctors, and develops the entire field of medicine in the region because competition breeds quality.