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Do you work in several clinics at the same time? Khrystyna Ryzhuk.

Working for several clinics gives a doctor a lot of unique opportunities, but only if it is organized wisely.

It is quite common for doctors to work in several clinics. This not only helps to earn extra money, but also to gain valuable experience, new acquaintances, and add a few paragraphs to your portfolio.

Of course, every business has certain secrets that are revealed only with practice. However, today you can save your precious time, because Khrystyna Ryzhuk, a periodontist-surgeon, Vice President of the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology, shared her view on working in this style.

What do you need?

Having someone in the clinic who can continue your work.

"There should always be a person in the clinic who can continue your work in case of emergency. Because a doctor can work like this for a year, two years, or maybe even more, and some part of his or her work needs to be transferred. Second hands, eyes, and a total understanding of the processes will save the patient in your absence in case of complications."

The same concept of work.

"It is important that the clinic where you come to work has the same standards and principles of understanding with patients. There is no point in wasting your professional time where your views are not shared, because in this case, misunderstandings and conflicts will only arise. At the same time, working in a clinic that shares your values offers a great chance for professional growth."

"The same vision of work can be very generalized, but it is necessary. Because even if a super-specialist comes and does some important and cool work, but the general concept of the clinic does not support the doctor's work style, this can lead to a deterioration of the workspace or even conflicts."

Photo protocol.

"A high-quality step-by-step photo protocol makes it possible to understand what the visiting doctor did, track the quality of treatment, and even extend it if necessary. This is especially true for a team consisting of invited specialists who work together on complex clinical cases where there are clear breaks between treatment stages that must not be violated. In such cases, a photo protocol is indispensable."

Maintaining documentation and photo protocol in Cliniccards.

"High-quality documentation of processes in Cliniccards is an absolute must-have, especially when it comes to photo diagnostics. The doctor always has the opportunity to respond quickly, because he or she has access to all patient information at any time and from any gadget and location."

Working for several clinics gives a doctor a lot of unique opportunities, namely: the opportunity to earn extra money, gain valuable experience, make new friends, and work in a great team on common and complex cases. It develops you as a professional and expands your portfolio of work.

But only if it is built wisely. That all the processes are well-honed, a photo protocol is kept, all the documentation is filled out, and there are people who continue the doctor's work. And remember that cooperation will not last long if you have completely opposite views.