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A penny saved is a penny earned! Update of the Cost categories report.

Every clinic has a large number of different expenses: materials, rent, salaries, equipment... And it is the duty of every owner and manager to regularly analyze expenses to understand where and how they can be reduced.

The updated Cost Categories report will help you with this, allowing you to track your clinic's expenses, which are segmented into categories and subcategories.

The data in the report is divided into two groups - Costs by category and Costs by supplier.

1. The Costs by category report has two main pie charts that display data by category and subcategory of expenses. This allows you to quickly understand where the clinic spends the most money.

The report also outlines each of the cost categories in detail and shows the percentage and quantitative indicators of all subcategories. Thus, the owner and or manager can make an in-depth analysis of all categories of expenses and see what percentage of the total cost of purchasing materials is, for example, filling materials.

2. The report Costs by supplier shows information on the volume of procurement costs for each of the clinic's suppliers. The data is presented in the form of a diagram and a table, and the cost indicators can be tracked in absolute and percentage values.

And if you click the Comparison switch at the top of the report, you can compare two arbitrary periods. This is relevant if, for example, the clinic's protocols and methodology have changed and you need to compare costs before and after the changes.

Please note: for the report to work correctly, you need to add all costs categories and contractors (suppliers) of the clinic. And after the expenses are formed, they should be entered in the expenses section.

Go to the report and automate expense reporting right now!