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Main updates of May in Cliniccards!

Every month, the Cliniccards team is actively working to implement updates that will help improve the quality of each user's experience with the system.

So, we are pleased to announce the major updates in Cliniccards that were released in May!

  1. Cliniccards has launched a Blog!

Here we regularly share the experience of the best doctors and clinics, talk about the features of the system, and simply publish interesting and useful information in a convenient format. For example, here are some recent blog posts:

  1. Scroll in the Patient's Card.

A patient's treatment history can have many different stages, from consultation to dental formula. To avoid scrolling through the entire section of the patient card, press one button and automatically jump to the beginning or end. 

  1. Update of the Salary settings.

The design of the section has been updated to make it easier to set up salaries for clinic specialists. 

  1. Instructions for setting optimal security parameters.

Cliniccards has implemented a set of solutions to protect each user from information leakage.  At the same time, it is important to understand that the reliability of data storage primarily depends on you personally.

To help you apply these solutions faster, we've compiled them into one Manual page - Security of data storage.

  1. A new feature of the schedule is Transparent visits.

When you activate this option, all visits with the statuses Completed, Missed, Rescheduled, and Canceled become transparent. This will help you visually separate completed visits from future and current ones.

  1. New report - Demographics.

A new report will help you better understand your patients, containing data on Patient Gender, Age Groups, Status, How New Patients Found Out About the Clinic and other important information that allows you to determine which categories of patients choose certain services.

Don't forget to test the update and read some blog posts!