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Main updates of April in Cliniccards. There are no insignificant updates!

Even small details can create big changes. Therefore, we are sure that there are no small updates - they are all important!

So let us tell you what the cliniccards team has done for you in April:

1. Added Photo Editor - now users have many opportunities to edit images right in Cliniccards.

2. Updated the design of filters for such reports:

3. The General clinic report has been updated - now it is a single report containing information about the amount of work performed, payments received (including insurance), expenses and income. And all this data is divided by legal entities with which the clinic works.

4. The Primary patient report has also been significantly updated, with the ability to filter by planned work and links to patient cards directly from the schedule.

5. The report Manipulations by quantities has been updated - now the report is presented in the form of graphical charts and tables, and the option to compare periods has been added.

6. Added the ability to view salaries, work performed and visits for employees who have been removed from the clinic.

7. Reminder templates - to speed up the work of administrators, you can now use reminder templates when creating them.

A quick reminder: if you are already on the PRO version, make the most of it! 😇