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Safety recommendations by Cliniccards

Data security is a very important issue that requires special attention. Cliniccards has implemented a set of solutions to protect each user from information leakage.  

Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the reliability of data protection depends primarily on you personally! Therefore, to help you quickly and easily apply these solutions, use the Security of data storage Manual section.

It describes in detail all the recommendations for security measures in the Cliniccards system that will allow you to turn your account into an impregnable fortress. In addition to setting up security measures in Cliniccards, the manual contains recommendations and rules of behavior with electronic devices and on the Internet.

We have also described in detail the most common types of online attacks. It is very important to understand the risks, because in order to skillfully protect information from them, you need to, so to speak, "know the enemy by sight."

Of course, absolutely every online attack poses a potential threat to personal data. However, if you follow all the recommendations we have described on the Security of data storage Manual page, you can be sure that your data is securely protected!