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No pain - no gain! Update of the report Manipulations by quantities.

It is the duty of every clinic manager and owner to analyze the volume of work performed and services rendered in the clinic.

After all, you need to understand which services are most in demand, which bring more profit, and how these indicators have changed compared to previous periods.

Such information allows you to make strategic decisions in clinic management. The newly updated report Manipulations by quantities will help you with this!

Let's talk about it in more detail!

  1. Work performed by price group and items.

At the very beginning of the report, there are two pie charts that show the share of each section and price item in relation to the total amount of work performed.

In addition, for ease of analysis, there are summary tables at the bottom of the report that show the quantitative indicators of work performed by price group and price item.

  1. Work performed by doctors.

This section displays indicators of the total cost of work performed for each of the specialists. Thus, the owner can understand in a few seconds which of the doctors generates the most income.

This information can be used not only to build a system of motivation for specialists, but also for financial planning of future income, expenses and workload of doctors!

  1. Work performed by month and by day.

This indicator allows you to better analyze the effectiveness of decisions. After all, it shows how changes in strategy or in the approach to treatment and service affected the amount of work performed.

Tip: The timeline at the top allows you to change the display period for this chart. This way, you can drill down into each of the periods.

All these parameters cannot be analyzed correctly and quickly without clear reports.

So, use the Manipulations by quantities report and automate your reporting now!