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Schedule settings

There are a lot of settings and options to arrange your operation in Cliniccards.

We recommend you to follow all schedule setting instructions:

  1. Schedule displaying settings divided into the following types:
  1. Use of schedule by every specialist working in the clinic:
    • Shifts of Doctors
    • Shifts of Assistants
    • Shifts of Administrators
  1. Work with patient visits

 The Interactive Schedule in Cliniccards is an efficient tool to manage booking of patient appointments and work schedule of all specialists of the clinic.

The schedule is provided as a table where days and cabinets (if there two and more cabinets in the clinic) are displayed vertically and work time intervals of the clinic are displayed horizontally. The red horizontal line is the current time.

Herewith, you may go to Settings → Schedule to change marking of the time intervals in the schedule, which is convenient when average duration of visits is quite short, and set other schedule parameters that are common for all clinic participants.

The schedule is divided into the tabs depending on the specialization to make it more user-friendly:

The time tracker is a function that ensures the most simple, convenient and precise recording of working time of the clinic employees.