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There are a lot of settings and clinic management options in Cliniccards. Follow the schedule setting instructions:

1. Schedule displaying settings, including:

  • General schedule displaying parameters, including Clinic cabinets, Types of employees and Time reserves;
  • Individual schedule displaying parameters.

2. Direct work with a schedule:

  • create a Doctor shift;
  • create an Assistant shift;
  • create an Administrator shift;
  • Hotkeys.

3. Work with patient visits

Interactive schedule Cliniccards enables efficient management of patient visit appointments and work schedule for all specialists working in a clinic. The schedule is provided as a table where vertical columns are days and cabinets (if there are two and more cabinets in the clinic) and horizontal rows are clinic operation time periods. Red horizontal line is the current time. 

Go to Settings → Schedule to add clinic cabinets to the schedule, set a work schedule and days off, change the time period markings (this option is also convenient for short visits) and set up additional (common for all clinic participants) parameters.

For easy use, the schedule of all employees is divided into tabs depending on their specialization: 

The Function Work time tracker also ensures the most simple, convenient and precise work time records for every clinic specialist.