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Registration with Cliniccards

Cliniccards is a cloud storage service and, consequently, you can use any browser at your computer with any OS or a special application in your smartphone for operation of the service.

Follow the link and register on the website to get access to all features and functions of the Service.

Fill in the following fields to register: Name, Last Name, Specialization Profile (Clinic Owner, Doctor, Administrator, Assistant, etc.). Also provide a telephone number to receive a confirmation code:

Now provide your email address and create a password to sign in to your account:


Registration must be completed. Follow the link in the letter sent to the specified email address to complete the registration.

Use your personal account for all your further operations in Cliniccards. Sign in to your account using the authorization form on the main page on https://cliniccards.com/


Password Recovery 

Click the Password Recovery button under the authorization form on the main page https://cliniccards.com/ if you failed to complete registration or forgot the data required to sign in to your personal account.

Provide the email address used for registration on the page. The guidelines on how to change your password will be sent to the email address.

Use a new password to enter your account when you have changed your previous one.


A user shall personally contact our technical support to change his/her email address. Enter your personal account, select Help – Contacts and use a feedback form to change a user email. Important: your new email shall never be used for registration in the Cliniccards system.