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The section Patients is an electronic patient card catalog in your clinic.

The clinic patient search button is on the top toolbar. It switches directly to the section Patients that ensures a simple search notwithstanding on the section, in which a user is.

Patient cards are searched by the following parameters:

  • Patient name and last name;
  • Patient phone number;
  • Card number.

If necessary, you can filter a patient database by the appropriate patient status, for example, you can find all patients with the status In process.

A patient card database can be in alphabetical order   or show the last opened cards at the top of the list .  

Click the appropriate button to open any necessary tab of a patient card directly from the card. You can also specify a current patient status in a clinic by clicking a patient status indicator left of the profile photo.

A clinic owner has to go to Settings → Other → Patient status to add a patient status.