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Additional information in the price

Now it is possible to specify additional information on the manipulation, service or drug in the price. This option will make it easier for new employees to familiarize themselves with detailed information. For instance: drug formula, manufacturer, step-by-step description. If necessary, you ca... 25.01.2020

Salary coefficients: fixed values, use of discounts

Cliniccards now has an opportunity to calculate the salary of a specialist in both the percentage and fixed values for each manipulation. To enable this function, go to Settings - Other – Salary coefficients and choose the corresponding Fixed values tab. Also, it is possible to calculate ... 24.01.2020

IP telephony

Enjoy all the advantages of integration between IP Telephony and Cliniccards, in particular: - outgoing calls directly from the patient's card; - an incoming call automatically displays a patient`s card on the screen; - a patient's card contains a history of calls; - an option to play... 16.01.2020

Copy schedule shifts

It often happens that doctors` shifts are planned several months in advance, but it takes much time to copy them manually. That is why we created an option to fill out the shift of specialists once and copy them automatically for any period of time. In order to do that, go to ‘Reports&rsqu... 27.12.2019

Patients with debt/patients with advance

When a patient has already planned several visits, a certain amount of money can be paid immediately in advance, or promised to be paid next time if a patient did not have enough funds during a visit. To make it convenient for the administrator, the names of patients with a positive/negative bala... 27.12.2019

Access to price list sections

When working with treatment plans or creating a quick completion certificate at ClinicCards, doctors use the clinic’s price list. However, in some cases, it is better for the doctors not to have access to the price list section of each other. That is why there is an option to select a secti... 27.12.2019

Priority of reminders

It is possible to select a priority in the ‘Reminders’ section. High priority reminders are now displayed at the top of the list of reminders with a yellow exclamation mark next to them. When creating a new reminder or editing an existing one, select ‘High priority’ in th... 01.09.2019

Mass texting

Now it is possible to automatically send your patients SMS-reminders 1 day prior to a visit. To enable mass texting, you need to sign up for and add a signature of your clinic (‘Signatures’ / ‘Add Signature’ section). It will take 10 days for the national opera... 18.07.2019