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Patient`s birthdays

Since every detail matters for the creation of the general impression of the clinic, we have created another report called ‘Patients birthdays’. Thanks to this option you will be able to pay more attention to your patients and wish them a happy birthday. The ‘Patients birthdays... 01.02.2018

Formation of patients` families

You can never pay too much attention to patients and any additional information will be of benefit. Sometimes several members of one family undergo treatment in one clinic. By uniting patients into families at Cliniccards, any administrator can always have information on family members that under... 01.01.2018

Report on the performed manipulations

It is necessary to account manipulations performed and specify the contractor when creating certificates of completion to ensure correct salary calculation. The ‘My performed manipulations’ report will make it possible for every specialist to check whether the manipulations performed ... 19.11.2017