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Update of the report How new patients found out about the clinic

We are pleased to announce that the Cliniccards team is starting an update of the system's reports! So the reports will be more detailed, informative and useful. 

As the updates are released, we will communicate about the capabilities of the updated reports and tell you in detail about all the aspects of their work.

The first report to be updated is How new patients found out about the clinic. It helps to understand which promotion sources are more effective in attracting new patients and is a great tool for marketing reporting!

The main chart in the report displays percentage and quantitative indicators of different sources of new patient acquisition. 

Please note: First, you need to create a list of patient referral sources in the Settings → Other → How patients found out about the clinic (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Outdoor advertising, etc.) section. After that, in the patient's profile, you need to select an option from this list of engagement sources in the "How did I find out" field.

Now comes the fun part. After updating, additional categories are available in the report:

  • Treatment plans costs - the amount of treatment plans made for patients in general and for each of the sources of engagement;
  • Amount paid by patients - the amount paid for treatment in total and for each source of patient engagement;
  • Number of visits - the number of visits of patients who came to the clinic by each source of referrals.

The following categories How women, men, or children found out about the clinic allow you to understand which promotion sources work best for a particular patient segment.

The category When patients were registered deserves special attention - here you can track the number of new patient registrations through each of the referral channels for any period.

Please note! If you click the Comparison switch at the top of the report, you will be able to compare two arbitrary periods within the report. This option is especially useful if you used different patient acquisition marketing strategies in different periods, as you can quickly compare their effectiveness!

Stay tuned for future publications and be the first to know about updates to your favorite report!