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STOCKed in Cliniccards!

Mega update in Cliniccards - Stock

Once again we prove that there are no limits to perfection 😇

From now on, with the help of the Stock, the clinic can keep accurate records of materials and expenses, track settlements with suppliers, automatically write off goods and forget about calculating the cost of work manually!

It is very easy to put the Stock into operation:

  1. Create the required number of stocks, add brands, suppliers, and create a list of materials and products used for treatment. 
  2. Create calculation cards for withdrawal materials after the work is done.
  3. Set access rights to work with stock and its sections for each of the clinic's employees individually.
  4. Now you can keep track of materials, products, and supplies using Cliniccards Receipts (receipt notes, return, withdrawal, transfer).
  5. Of course, all data on transactions with goods in stocks are recorded in Stock Reports.

You can read how to enable the warehouse, how to configure it, and how to work with this functionality in the Help.

In the meantime, let's briefly talk about the important options for working with the stock: 

My Stocks section → universal accounting tool.

Provide access to those specialists who keep records of materials at their workplaces and they will be able to independently monitor the availability and quantity of goods in their stocks. 

The visual representation of product cards allows you to quickly navigate the goods in stock, as well as easily write them off, order them or move them from other stocks to your stock.

✅ Payments with suppliers → accurate cost accounting.

Set up automatic creation of invoices to suppliers for the relevant expense categories after posting incoming invoices and get accurate automated reporting on the clinic's expenses for the purchase of materials!

✅ Withdrawal of goods → accurate accounting of materials.

Create calculation cards for each manipulation of the price list, set the automatic or manual type of write-off of materials, and simply track automatic changes in the availability and quantity of goods in warehouses after the work is completed.

✅ Control of the cost of work performed → accurate calculation of the clinic's profit.

Create a list of materials and products used in the clinic and group them by cost category. Next, create costing cards for auto-write-off of goods, and put all the goods on the books by creating invoices to suppliers. And then, upon completion of treatment, the system will automatically calculate the cost of each work performed according to the current prices for the materials used. 

✅ Inventory → Transparent control of the availability of goods.

The Inventory section allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and monitor the availability and quantity of goods in each of the clinic's warehouses. In addition, inventory can be conducted for individual warehouses, product categories, and even brands, which guarantees maximum control and accuracy in work.

Thus, the Stock can easily become the most effective tool of the clinic, as it will take over a huge part of the routine work. Moreover, all the module's capabilities can be customized individually in accordance with the clinic's work protocols, which makes it flexible and versatile!