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Search and filter by stages in the Treatment history!

Comprehensive treatment of a patient consists of a large number of different stages of treatment. From examination to implantation and aesthetic treatment. Therefore, a patient's comprehensive treatment history contains many comments, including photos, files, dental formulas, PSR tests, and periodontal charts.

To simplify the process of finding the necessary information and track the dynamics of the treatment process in a matter of seconds, Cliniccards has added:

  1. Keyword search in comments. 

This well-known tool is now available in Cliniccards and allows you to find absolutely all stages of treatment, as well as comments to them containing the entered query. Simple and effective!

  1. Filters by stages of treatment.

There are four types of them in Cliniccards:

  • Treatment stage;
  • Tooth formula;
  • Periodontal screening test;
  • Periodontal chart.

They clearly demonstrate the dynamics of patient treatment. And the filter by stage allows you to track not only the chronology, but also the type of work performed. Thanks to this, it is very easy to find the necessary stages!

The Dental formula, Periodontal chart, and PSR test filters allow you to display the required examination of the patient's oral cavity and compare the clinical condition not only "before" and "after" treatment, but also at different stages of treatment!

The combination of search and filters guarantees flexibility and speed when working with the Treatment History. This greatly simplifies the management of complex patients, and the analysis of the dynamics and quality of treatment becomes a matter of seconds!