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PSR test in Cliniccards!

PSR test in Cliniccards!

Visualization of the patient's clinical condition is one of the key elements of modern dentistry. For this purpose, Cliniccards has functionality that greatly simplifies the life of a doctor: photo flow, dental formula, periodontal chart.

We are pleased to announce that now there is another cool tool for diagnosing and visualizing the patient's gum health - the PSR test!

The work of filling out the periodontal screening test is performed in the Treatment history section of the patient's card in a separate stage - to create such a stage, click the PSR test button.

In the new stage of the treatment history, you can assign an index to each of the 6 segments according to the performed diagnostics. In addition to the usual indices (from 0 to 4), there are two special indices:

"-" - this index means that either no examination was performed in this segment or the teeth are completely absent.

"*" - this index means special periodontal problems (furcation, gingival recessions deeper than 3 mm, tooth mobility).

After all the necessary indices are set for all segments, click the Save button. A new stage will be created in the patient's treatment history with a schematic representation of the PSR test.

As you can see, just a few clicks and the data on the patient's clinical picture will be securely saved. And visualization of periodontal screening test results has never been so easy!