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Online patient booking in Cliniccards!

Appointments have become even easier with the addition of Online booking to Cliniccards! With this option, patients can choose the date, time, specialist, and procedures in your clinic. And based on this data, the schedule in Cliniccards is generated automatically!

Here's how the update works!

To set up online patient booking in Cliniccards, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1. 

Enable access right Access to the online booking settings for the specialist who will set up the online booking. Once the access right is activated, go to the Settings → Other → Online booking section. 

Step 2.

Now click on the Activate online booking switch. By default, the Name and Description fields contain information from the clinic profile, but you can change this information on the booking page.

Step 3. 

Go to the Services tab and select the available services for booking for each specialist separately. Be sure to specify the time period for the manipulation, as well as the aliases of the doctors that will be displayed on the booking page.

Step 4.

Go back to Online booking settings and copy the Booking page link. Leave it where the patient will find it as soon as possible! For example, on the clinic's website or in the description of your Instagram profile. 

Step 5. 

Now, when the patient clicks on the link, they only need to choose a specialist, service, and the most convenient time of the visit from the available ones (the data is taken from the clinic schedule in Cliniccards). To finalize the appointment, the patient needs to fill in the required fields:

  • First name;
  • Last name
  • and phone number.  

Step 6.

During the online appointment, patients are identified by phone number, so the clinic schedule in Cliniccards automatically creates a visit for a primary or regular patient at the selected time to the specified specialist. Such a visit has the status Booked, as well as a comment that it is a patient from the online appointment.

Moreover, the manipulation chosen by the patient and its cost are already assigned to the visit!

As you can see, you only need to set up an online booking in Cliniccards once and all you need to do to register a patient is to confirm the visit!