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New design of your favorite Photo flow!

New design of your favorite Photo flow!

An important factor that guarantees the ease of daily work of clinic specialists in Cliniccards is a stylish and intuitive interface. It transforms multi-step processes into clear and understandable actions that simplify work and allow you to pay attention to the main thing - patient treatment.

It is for these reasons that Cliniccards has recently updated the design of the photo flow! It has a new look and has become even more convenient to use.

So, let us remind you how to work with it!

1. The photo flow in Cliniccards is divided into My Photo Flow and Clinic Photo Flow.

This division allows you to separate photos and files that the doctor needs exclusively for his or her own viewing from those used by all clinic participants. This adds flexibility and privacy to your daily work!

2. Functional interface.

CT scans of several gigabytes, complete photo protocols of five patients, test results - all these files can be added to the photo stream simultaneously in a few clicks. Moreover, the Upload photos/files button has an updated and modern look, as well as a visual indication of the area where the drag-and-drop function is available.

3. Clinic Photo Flow = your new file sharing service.

The main feature of the clinic photo flow is its accessibility to each participant. Thus, it acts as an internal library of the clinic and easily replaces any file sharing service. And here's why:

  • there are no restrictions on the amount of uploads;
  • the ability to sort by folder;
  • three clicks and any file is downloaded to the device. 

4. Quickly distribute photos and files to patient records.

Photo flow is the exact opposite of chaos, because distributing photos taken during a shift to patient records consists of two simple steps:

  1. Upload all photos for the shift to the photo stream.
  2. Click on the Select Files button (bottom right) and select the photos that are relevant to a particular patient, then add them to the desired stage of the patient's history. 

Photos are quickly accessible and securely stored!

Work with files quickly and conveniently with a photo stream in Cliniccards!