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List of dental clinics in Ukraine that will continue to provide services during state of war

We have created a document that contains a list of dental clinics that continue to provide dental services. Most clinics provide such services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Armed Forces free of charge.


Link to the document which contains a list of clinics operating under state of war in Ukraine.

If you are a doctor or clinic owner and you are willing to provide dental services to people and military personnel, please fill out the form.


Every day, our team will constantly work on updating information on the work schedules of all clinics on the list and, if necessary, will add new ones.


Updated information will be regularly published on all Cliniccards public resources:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Telegram

- Notifications in Cliniccards.


Please spread this information, because it can save lives!

Everything will be Ukraine🇺🇦