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Add a manipulation to a patient's visit!

The main advantage of the schedule in Cliniccards is its interactivity. Doctor shifts and patient visits are created in seconds, which allows you to quickly navigate the work schedule and appointments. Can the schedule in Cliniccards be even more functional? Yes!!!

Because now you can add a planned procedure to the visit, which will allow you to quickly understand what manipulations will be performed to the patient. This feature adds even more functionality to the schedule and has its own peculiarities.

Let's take a closer look at them!

  1. Add a manipulation in one click.

It's really very simple - when creating a visit, click on the Add manipulation button in the visit creation window and select the necessary items from the clinic's price list. They will be displayed in the patient's mini-card immediately in the schedule.

  1. Manipulations are always added with the current price and discount!

With prices, everything is clear, while discounts are more interesting. If a patient has a personal discount (which can be specified in the patient's profile), it will also be taken into account when adding a manipulation to the visit! 

  1. Discount restrictions are considered.

When creating a price list, you can set the maximum allowable discount for each manipulation (in percentage or monetary terms), or prohibit discounts for certain price items. This means that such restrictions will be taken into account when adding manipulations to the visit, which allows you to maintain the clinic's pricing policy.

  1. Manipulations added to the visit are automatically pulled into a quick act.

Each visit in the schedule contains a mini-card that shows important information about the patient and allows you to create a quick act directly from the schedule.  Moreover, the manipulations associated with the visit are automatically added to the act of work performed! You will only have to make the last adjustments and check the correctness of filling.

Thanks to this functionality, you save your time and resources. With one glance, you know what treatment is planned for the patient for this visit. This information is already added to the visit and is always at hand!

And finally, a pleasant spoiler: manipulations in the visit are part of the preparation for the next update - online booking!