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Super Administrator and Copy access rights.

The Access rights section allows each specialist to work with only the necessary information. This way, everyone gets the opportunity to focus on what matters most and perform their duties as efficiently as possible.

Therefore, it is important for us to make this section flexible and efficient for each user. With this in mind, we have added new features to Cliniccards:

1. Copy access rights.

You no longer need to give the same access rights to the same category of specialists twice. Click the Copy access rights button and in the new window that opens, select the clinic member to whom you want to grant the same access rights.

It is faster and more convenient, and this is the key to efficiency! 

2. New role - Super Administrator.

Superadministrator rights are a new access right that allows any clinic specialist to access the Clinic Settings. Previously, this section of the settings was available only to the clinic owner. 

3. New access right - Removing invoices.

This access right allows or prohibits a specialist from removing invoices of performed work in the Finance section of the patient's card. Please note that this access right does not apply to Patient payments and does not limit the ability to view, edit, and create invoices