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Dental formula of children in Cliniccards!

In Cliniccards we have already developed an anatomically reliable dental formula a long time ago. This formula is proved to be an efficient tool which simplifies the work of the doctors, as it schematically represents a clinical picture of every patient. 

But what about primary teeth? Indeed, you can use our new Dental formula for Children! This formula is created to represent the tiniest details of a clinical picture of your youngest patients.

A delta formula of a patient is filled in the Treatment history of the patient’s card.

First add a dental formula form as a new stage of a treatment history. Click the button Dental formula.

Then the system generates a new treatment history stage that includes a dental formula.

The new stage box is conditionally divided into two fields, namely schematic representation of the dental formula is on the left and a list of tools  for work with the formula is on the right.

First select Primary teeth and perform the following steps to add data to the scheme of the dental formula for primary teeth:

1. Select a tool you need from the right list (for example, Tooth decay,  Filling, Dental plaque, etc.).

2. Select the appropriate element in the formula, namely tooth surface, root, periodontium, etc.  Then the system assigns the appropriate status to the selected element.

3. Repeat the steps as many times as you need.

4. Click Save when the formula is completed.
A new stage including schematic representation of the dental formula for primary teeth and comments thereto is generated in the patient treatment history. A comment is also generated automatically.