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Cliniccards has an update. Two-factor authentification.


Cliniccards takes security very seriously and is always working to improve its system and enhance user safety. 

While many security updates happen behind the scenes, there are certain measures that users can take themselves, such as enabling two-factor authentication. 

To further enhance security, Cliniccards now allows the manager to restrict access to the clinic to users who have not enabled two-factor authentication. 

This measure provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data. As such, we highly recommend that this option be enabled to ensure the safety of the clinic and its users. 

To enable this feature, the owner must navigate to the Settings - Other - Clinic settings. From there, they can enable the option To allow access to the clinic only to specialists with enabled two-factor authentication. Once this option is enabled, users who have not set up two-factor authentication will need to go to their profile and configure their authorization security settings in the Cliniccards system.