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As you have already noticed, 2 days ago Cliniccards got a new design. Based on your feedback, we realized that out of many great solutions, a few were not really well. So there were some inconveniences with the calendar and colors of visits.


We strive to make your work at Cliniccards as convenient and comfortable as possible, so we correct our mistakes. After analyzing your feedback, we made the following changes:


📆 Calendar - now it is displayed on the bottom right by default. It is also possible to choose its placement: from the bottom of the page to the right or to the left. Later, we will optimize the calendar more.


🌈 Colors of visits - we return the previous color scheme. Of course, we were a little upset that many of you did’t like the new colors. But at the same time, we appreciate that you love their previous version so much! However, we are working on them anyway. So are looking for the best result  🙂


🙌🏻 Searching for a patient is still done in one click. The only difference is that now clicking on the "Search" symbol takes you to the "Patients" page, where the cursor is ALREADY in the search field. So you just need to write the patient's last name or first name. No need to second click!


We really appreciate feedback from our users! This is one of the main factors that we focus on in our work.


As you can see, we are open to criticism, we know how to admit our mistakes and correct them. This enables us to develop and improve Cliniccards.


Thank you for your trust and honesty!