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Odontologija Kosmetologija Kaina Kontaktai Prisijungti Registruotis

Design update in Cliniccards

You have already seen that "some" changes have taken place in Cliniccards.

Indeed, after 6 years of work and development, we dared to undertake such a difficult task - to update the system design!


So what exactly has changed in Cliniccards:


  1. The design has been updated - the Cliniccards interface has always been beautiful and intuitive. And now it has become even more pleasing and intuitively understood.

  2. The side toolbar has been moved up - so now you have more workspace for the schedule, plans and history of patient treatment, for reports, etc.;

  3. Tooltips have been added - now tips are posted everywhere in the system and they allow you to find out immediately how each function works. This is your help desk "here and now".


At the same time, we have once again strengthened security measures and optimized the operation of the service. So Cliniccards became not only prettier, but also faster and smarter